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Build a Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Practice​

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Duration: 20 Hours
Level: Intermediate
Learning Mode: Live Online Instructor-Led Training
In this course you will learn to assembling the security requirements for your Office 365 project and complete the transition from its previous location in the Microsoft Service Trust Portal.

Course Agenda

Module 1: Microsoft 365 Built-in Compliance


  • Compliance Manager​
  • Service Trust Portal​
  • Security and Compliance Center​
  • Office 365 Secure Score​
  • Office 365 Data Governance​
  • Retention policies​
  • Unified Labelling​
  • Advanced Data Governance in ​
    Office 365

Module 2: Advanced Compliance in Microsoft 365


  • Handling Third Party Data​
  • Data Loss Prevention​
  • Information Protection​
  • eDiscovery and Litigation hold​
  • Handling Data Subject Requests (DSR)

Module 3: Implementing Threat Protection using Microsoft Defender Solutions for Office 365 and Azure


  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (O365 ATP)​
  • Cloud App Security Overview

Module 4: Implementing Microsoft Cloud App Security


  • Deploying Cloud App Security​
  • Controlling your cloud apps with Policies​
  • Troubleshooting Cloud App Security​
  • Manage cloud app security alerts.​
  • Describe the risk score in Cloud App Security.​
  • Use the Cloud App Catalog.​
  • Use the Cloud Discovery Dashboard​
  • Cloud App Security Overview

Module 5: Implementing Endpoint security using Microsoft Intune


  • Protecting company data using application management​
  • Deploy Mobile Device management​
  • Manage Devices with MDM

Module 6: Protecting Windows 10 using Microsoft Defender for Windows


  • Device Guard​
  • Application Guard​
  • Attack Surface Reduction​
  • Endpoint Detection and Response

Module 7: Introduction to Azure Sentinel and Deep Dive on Correlation Rules, Threat Intelligence and KQL (Kusto Query Language)


  • Azure sentinel architecture​
  • Features and functionalities​
  • Custom connectors​
  • Correlation rules​
  • Threat Intelligence​
  • Kusto Query Language​

Module 8: Investigating identity actions and Deep Dive into Threat Hunting


  • Identity overview​
  • Tackling identity with SIEM​
  • Out of box identity analytics​
  • Threat hunting process​
  • Building Detections​
  • SOC Incident Workflow​
  • Triage and investigate an incident

Module 9: Cloud Security Posture Management with Azure Security Center


  • Asset inventory and management tools​
  • Secure score in Azure Security Center​
  • Security Recommendations​
  • Security policies​
  • Azure security baseline​
  • Cross-tenant management

Module 10: Managing and Responding to Security Incidents and Alerts in Azure Security Center


  • Managing Security Incidents​
  • Security alerts in Azure Security Center​
  • Manage and respond to security alerts​
  • Automate Responses to Recommendations

Here is the course outline:

1. Microsoft 365 Built-in Compliance

Here in this module we will discuss about compliance management, learn about security and compliance center and what are the advance data governance in office 365.

2. Advanced Compliance in Microsoft 365

Here we will understand the way we can handle third party data and how you can prevent data loss, how to handle Data Subject Request (DSR) and protect information.

3. Implementing Threat Protection using Microsoft Defender Solutions for Office 365 and Azure

We will learn about Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (O365 ATP)​ and Cloud App Service.

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